Montreal, QC
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We would like to thank you for your interest in our company. Learn more about our socially and environmentally friendly solutions for the petroleum industry... because we care as do you.

Through our website we will convey to governments, corporations and consumers our sincerest wishes and aspirations to do our part in making the petroleum industry safer, more reliable as well as more efficient. TOP-CAL offers a socially and environmentally conscious alternative to fuel dispenser calibration. While keeping with strict government guidelines, standards and regulations, TOP-CAL continues to excel and maintain a positive bottom line.

Who we are
TOP-CAL is a leading petroleum industry company that measures and calibrates liquid flow meters (fuel pumps/dispensers) mainly in the gasoline retail sector. The methods utilized for calibration are generally the same worldwide and so are the problems. In most cases a fuel dispenser is checked by a technician who once has completed the calibration process will place an adhesive sticker on the dispenser proclaiming its status.

News and Events
We should mention our booth at the PEI/NACS trade show as well as any other relevant news that will create interest in the company.

We should mention membership with Michigan chamber of commerce.